Testing /Commissioning

MCC800 HV Replacement Project

Summary- Claremont Quarter 6.6kV to 11kV conversion

As part of Western Power’s upgrade of the Claremont area from 6.6kV to 11kV, HES was called upon to assist Western Power with the required customer owned Switching, Testing and Commissioning to transition from 6.6kV to 11kV.

The Claremont Quarter is a mixed-use facility comprising of major supermarket chains, high end tenants and apartment living. Due to the diverse requirements of this facility it was imperative to minimise outages, whilst providing a safe working environment to our staff and the general public.

HES’s scope included the development and implementation of the complex HV and LV Switching Programs, plus the comprehensive pre-and post-testing and commissioning of all affected infrastructure, including Dual Tapped Transformers, HV/LV Cable, HV/LV Switchgear and Protection Relays etc.


HES were successfully able to integrate with the end customer and Western Power, in addition to managing varying voltage supply issues to safely and efficiently transition the site from 6.6kV to 11kV. This project was completed on-time, on-budget and without any unplanned outages. The end customer was very appreciative of our works as indicated in the below testimonial.