MKO 11kV Gas Turbine Switchboard and 415V MCC Maintenance Works

Summary- MKO 11kV Gas Turbine Switchboard and 415V MCC Maintenance Works

Over a one day shutdown period, HES supplied all required Test Equipment and 10x HV Technicians to complete comprehensive maintenance works on the Merlin Gerin Fluokit 11kV GT Switchboard and Various Merlin Gerin Masterpact 415V ACB’s. Due to the short shutdown timeframes and critical nature of this infrastructure, the maintenance scope required detailed management, logistical planning, strong onsite communication and contingency strategies to ensure all risk management strategies were implemented. As part of these works HES conducted various non-intrusive pre-works and a maintenance plan was undertaken on two fronts/teams to ensure efficient and targeted maintenance during the outage period.


Our Equipment Sales business was called upon during the planning of this works to ensure we have suitable critical spares should there be unforeseen issues identified during our testing/inspection regime.

This maintenance works was completed on-time, on budget, to the highest professional standard and without any issues. This was a credit to the detailed pre-shutdown planning and extensive labour and resource capabilities that HES possess, as well as the excellent on-site working relationship of the HES and Transalta teams, as shown in the below testimonial.