High Voltage and High Energy Maintenance

Summary- High Voltage and High Energy Maintenance

For almost 10 years HES have had an active presence and involvement in the HV Infrastructure at Curtin University- Bentley.

Over our journey we have had the pleasure of working with the client to undertake Maintenance, Testing, Commissioning, Cable Jointing and Upgrade works in all of the sites 32 High Voltage Substations.

During our time on-site our HV Technicians have earned, through proven experience and competency checks, the right to act as Authorised HV Operators on behalf of the customer. As the Bentley Campus has an extensive and complex HV Network this is a privilege we are very proud of.


The key to our prolonged presence and successful management of the network at Curtin University has been our open and honest communication with our client. We trust that our relationship with Curtin University will continue to grow for many years to come!