Cable Fault Location- LOCATE – REPAIR – TEST

HES offers a fast and efficient fault detection using the Seba Surge-flex equipment to pinpoint HV & LV cable faults.

As a specialised Jointing and Testing business, we also have the in-house capability to perform the required repairs and testing of the cable in the one visit! Our complete range of in-house cable-repair-test skills is unmatched in the electrical industry.


HV Cable Testing

HES offer a variety of HV Cable Tests to assist with Maintenance, Trending and Fault Detection. Our suite of HV Cable Testing includes Insulation Resistance Testing, VLF Testing, Tan Delta Analysis and Offline PD Testing.

Tan Delta testing enables the cable test technician to detect insulation defects before the cable fails in service.

Tan Delta testing enables the cable test technician to detect insulation defects before the cable fails in service. The tan delta of the test object can be measured and the results stored, thus providing a “signature” of the cable being tested. This enables the technician to make tan delta a routine test and combine this diagnostic test with the normal over voltage pressure “testing” to provide a smart VLF test.

Offline PD Testing

HES have investigated the latest technology trends and customer requirements, and have invested heavily in our ability to deliver industry leading Offline PD Testing and related Services! Our services in this progressive industry trend are backed by our state-of-the-art test equipment and our in-house engineering expertise to ensure that the highest level of accuracy and professionalism is delivered on every job!

HES conduct Offline PD Testing on Cables, Switchgear, Rotating Machinery and Transformers to identify the assets response to specific stress levels to predict its future performance. This testing is completed without causing any fault or deterioration to the asset in the process.  Offline testing is also known for its ability to pinpoint the exact defect location on field-aged equipment. This accuracy enables Asset or Facility Managers to accurately plan for any corrective action as required. As High Energy Service is a true ‘one stop shop’ for ALL HV and HE related requirements, we will also be able to action the identified issue(s) in a timely and professional manner.


HV Cable Jointing & Terminating

Our highly skilled team has access to all the necessary equipment to enable us to work professionally on cable joint or cable termination projects up to 132kV.

HES only use high-quality termination kits to ensure customer confidence and long-term reliability.

To find out more about our cable locating, testing, jointing and termination capabilities please contact us today and we will be in touch!

LV, MV and HV Switchgear

HES complete Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning on all makes and models of indoor and outdoor switchgear, Reclosers and Low Voltage – Air Circuit Breakers (ACB’s).

HES use Australian Standards and manufacturer OEM instructions as guidelines for our personnel to perform installation and maintenance in all aspects of the works conducted.

Typical Tests that may be conducted on various HV, MV and LV Switchgear could include;

Intrusive Maintenance

  • Insulation resistance
  • Contact Resistance
  • Primary and/or Secondary Injection
  • Contact Timing and Bounce Test
  • Mechanical, Functional and Interlocking Testing
  • Electrical coil and interlock testing
  • Voltage Withstand Testing
  • Operational Velocity


Non-intrusive Maintenance Partial Discharge

HES are able to offer Partial Discharge surveys of your HV equipment and have the ability to engage engineering services to conduct in-depth diagnosis and recommendations.

PD instruments are able to measure and assess Radio Frequency Interference and Ultrasonic noise emitted as a result of the deterioration of insulation within HV apparatus. The instruments are optimised for measurements in a substation environment and are an ideal tool to perform non-invasive surveys of HV substation components as part of a condition monitoring program or substation inspections. Another application is the scanning of the HV equipment prior to scheduled maintenance activities are carried out, so priority areas can be focused on during a shutdown.

The plant that can be ‘screened’ for PD includes; HV Cables (terminations and joints), Switchgear, Power Transformers and Bushings, Instrument Transformers and Capacitors.


YSF6 Switchgear

HES are specialists in servicing, repairing and overhauling of YSF6 Switchgear and Circuit Breakers. Throughout the world, there are many of these circuit breakers protecting essential industrial & commercial processes. The YSF6 Circuit Breaker has not been manufactured since 2001; therefore obtaining spares for obsolete circuit breakers can often prove to be difficult and time consuming for the customer.

Workshop Services

HES have spare YSF6 CB’s and a range of many other spare parts. We are also able to perform complete overhauls to the specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). HES offer three different levels of YSF6 HV CB Maintenance, with each level offering various maintenance tasks in line with the OEM guidelines. The most comprehensive maintenance, level 3, is a major overhaul which requires the mechanism being stripped right back, plus test for various Travel and Timing measurements using the Doble TDR900 Circuit Breaker Analyser. HES have a fully functional testing facility dedicated to YSF6 HV CB’s. Within this facility, there are test stands and a fully operational test panel.

Contact us for further information on YSF6 servicing and/or SF6 enquiries.


SF6 Handling

HES are an SF6 gas environmentally compliant company and are able to perform SF6 gas top-ups, re-gassing and analysis. Our range of SF6 capabilities include

  • SF6 handling and disposal service
  • SF6 gas Leak detection
  • Gauge Repairs, Installation and/or Replacement
  • SF6 Recovery and Re gassing
  • SF6 Quality Testing including Dew-point testing of gas

Transformer Oil Tests & Services

HES are able to perform the following Transformer services:

  • Transformer oil tests
  • Oil sampling for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and various other laboratory tests.
  • Winding Resistance, Ratio Testing, Sweep frequency Analysis & Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA) testing
  • HES are able to perform minor repairs and engage specialist contractors to perform detailed assembly or major repairs.
  • Transformer Dielectric Loss Angle (DLA) testing.

HES use the Doble M4100 Insulation Analyser. The M4100 is the world’s premier power apparatus and insulation test instrument. Its unique combination of test capabilities and artificial intelligence analysis software makes it the power industry’s most trusted Power Factor/Tan-Delta instrument. These instruments are used around the globe thanks to their comprehensive testing options, safety features and measurement accuracy.


Protection Relay Testing

HES have an expert team of in-house Electrical Engineers and specialised Protection Technicians that can complete maintenance, testing and commissioning of almost any type, make or model of Protection Relay and/or Protection Scheme.

Our capabilities of Secondary Injection, and Primary where required, range across the below Protection Systems;

  • Generator Protection
  • Motor Protection
  • Feeder Unit Protection
  • Busbar Protection
  • Transformer Protection
  • Synchronising Devices

Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems

When it comes to both Safety and Compliance it is the Earthing system which often requires serious attention and rectification. HES have experienced Engineers and Technicians to investigate, test and rectify your Earthing System.


Our Earth and Lightning Protection Testing capabilities include;

  • Fall of Potential
  • Continuity
  • Earth Loop Resistance
  • Earth Potential Rise (EPR)
  • Soil Resitivity
  • Step and Touch Potential Testing

SKM Modelling and Lightning Protection

Using the SKM modelling software our Engineers can even design your system or model results to confirm/validate a complaint, functional system. HES adhere to all relevant Standards including; AS3000-2007, AS2067-2008. Electrical testing shall be carried out in accordance with AS3017-2007, AS1768-2007

Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) installations are to be carried out in accordance with AS1768:2007.

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