Jarrod Ennis

Jarrod Ennis is a highly resourceful and dedicated senior manager with a strong technical background in the industries of mining and metals, oil and gas, government, education, industrial services and consumer goods. He is experienced in managing all operational aspects in the sectors of industrial hire, the sales of industrial products and consumables and the provision of technical labour based services.

Jarrod’s background is primarily based on electronics and computer systems engineering. He applies his strong troubleshooting and analytical skills to all areas of business, including workshop technical support, operational/warehousing production management, customer service enquiries, business strategy and sales and marketing management.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Power Engineering, is qualified in Applied Project Management, has a Diploma in Computer Services Engineering and a Certificate IV in Computer Systems Engineering. Jarrod has also completed the CCI Introduction to Supervision and Frontline Management and 7Sim Leadership Training; the Leader Who Inspires.