HV Installation

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HES has proven, through a now extensive list of key projects, a strong capability in High Voltage and High Energy Equipment Installation. This capability, along with our Engineering Services, Calibration Business and Equipment Sales, complements our traditional Maintenance, Testing, Commissioning, Retrofitting and Termination services and has established HES as a truly as a complete business offering a complete range of HV/HE services and solutions.

Our Experience

Our experience to date in installation projects includes the below;

  • HV and LV Cable installation
  • Transformer Installation- Both Dry and Oil Filled
  • HV Switchgear installation- including various RMU installations
  • Main LV Switchboard and ACB Installations
  • Installation of Energy Management systems- including Power Factor Correction (PFC), and Harmonic Filtering
  • Metring Cubicle and Metering Equipment installation- this includes CT and VT
  • Protection Relay installation and integration with existing protection schemes
  • Design and Installation of Earthing systems for Substations, Transformer Compounds and/or Kiosk arrangements.

Retro Fitting/Switchgear Upgrades

Throughout the world, there are many old, high & low voltage circuit breakers protecting essential industrial & commercial processes that have been operational for a significant time period beyond their functional design life.

Cost Savings on Obsolete Equipment

Obtaining spares for obsolete circuit breakers of this age can prove to be impossible and replacing the entire switchboard can have a serious impact on production downtime and budget constraints.

Replacing HV & LV Switchgear is a large capital investment but by retrofitting a modern high or low voltage air circuit breaker, rather than replacing the whole switchboard, drastically reduces this capital outlay. Retrofitting is a cost and time effective solution to this growing dilemma and ensures many more years of reliable service for your switchgear.


Benefits of Retrofitting

High & low voltage circuit breakers can be retrofitted with up to date fully type tested circuit breakers to extend the life of your network and assets. HES has carried out modernisation and retrofit work on many types of HV & LV switchgear such as; Yorkshire, Merlin Gerin, Nilsen, ABB, Hundt& Weber, GEC Alstom, Brush and Reyrolle.

Some of the benefits of retrofitting are:

  • Reduced budgetary outlay – no cabling or civil works required
  • Programmed modernisation, scheduled to reduce initial costs
  • Reduced risk of power outages and costly downtime due to equipment failure
  • Pro-active rather than a reactive replacement. Scheduled works to reduce supply outages

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