Arc Flash- Risk Assessment, Modelling & Rectification/Mitigation

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Design and Compliance- HV Switchgear, Transformer and Substations

To complement our Maintenance and Installation Capabilities, our Engineering team have focused heavily on compliance and design requirements.


HES can conduct both Intrusive and or Non-Intrusive Inspections/Testing on your existing substations or assets and be able to advise where your business is falling short of compliance with the latest Australian Standards, including AS 2067, 2467 and 3000, and or Guidelines.

With our strong contracting capabilities, we can assist with the correction of any defect or non-complying item that is identified during our compliance audits, making us a true one-stop-shop for all compliance requirements!



To complement our Installation and Retro-fitting capabilities, the HES Engineering team have focused on developing our design capabilities. For our project work, our design capabilities can relate to;

  • Development of HV Submissions
  • Development and assessment of Grading Studies. These grading studies can be used;
    • As a requirement of an HV Submission
    • For the design of a project not requiring an HV Submission
    • For a site-wide review and compliance audit of an existing network (you would be surprised how many systems have incorrect protection grading
  • Development of Design/Installation Specifications in accordance with all Australian Standards, Relevant Regulations and OEM Requirements.

HES have utilised our Engineering Teams design capabilities for ‘brownfields’ projects relating to the Replacement of RMU’s, Transformers and LV ACB’s.


Earthing Design, Modelling, Installation

When it comes to both Safety and Compliance it is the Earthing system which often requires serious attention and rectification. HES have experienced Engineers and Technicians to investigate, test and rectify your Earthing System.

Compliance and Service

Keeping up with the latest changes to Australian Standards, including AS3000-2007, AS2067-2008, AS3017-2007, AS1768-2007, AS1768:2007 (Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) installations), our Engineering team can;

  • Identify non-compliant earthing systems, arrangements and defects
  • Recommend new or modified earthing designs for a Substation and/or Transformer compound to meet current compliance.
  • Conduct Earth Modelling, using our SKM software to ensure an effective, validated and compliant earthing system
  • Recommend suitable testing for both Commissioning or Routine Maintenance tasks
  • Our Earth and Lightning Protection Testing capabilities include;
    • Fall of Potential
    • Continuity
    • Earth Loop Resistance
    • Earth Potential Rise (EPR)
    • Soil Resitivity
    • Step and Touch Potential Testing

Arc Flash- Risk Assessment, Modelling and Rectification/Mitigation

As part of a growing awareness of the Arc Flash risk HES has put its self ahead of the curve and has heavily invested in Arc Flash Software and experienced engineers in this space. HES use the SKM arc Flash Software for our Modelling and Assessments.

HES can offer complete and comprehensive Arc Flash solutions including;

  • On-site investigations and audit reporting
  • Modelling of information and identifying category rating and arc flash mitigation requirements
  • Implementation of the recommended Arc Flash mitigation. These mitigating solutions can range from the simple installation of Perspex or exclusion zones to comprehensive switchboard upgrades/overhauls, ACB Retro-fits, Grading Study Review and Protection adjustments and installation of Arc Flash Relays and Sensors.

For more information please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss how we can assist your business further.


Power quality analysis and reporting.

HES can perform power surveys to capture harmonics, record disturbances, measure loads and power factor. The surveys are performed by licensed electrical workers and detailed reports are provided with recommendations.

As part of our growing Engineering team, HES can now use these results and recommendations to not only identify the type of energy management solution to address the inefficiencies but to also provide real Return of Investment (ROI) calculations to assist with the justification of capital expense.


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